the best VR
training for hospitality

With More Than 40 Years Of Training Experience, STXR Is focused on creating the best VR Training Solution in Hospitality.

Our team is set to combat;

High Turnoverhospitality currently has a 75% Annual Rate

Employee Retention97% of US Hotels are short-staffed 

High Cost to TrainIneffective training costs $13,500/employee annually 

Inconsistent Training7% loss on guest satisfaction and revenue

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Innovative Training solutions For
the most complex Situations

According to research conducted by Stanford University and Technical Denmark, learners recall more when using virtual teaching methods as compared to traditional methods, resulting in a 76% increase in learning effectiveness.

Faster to Complete Training

More Focused

More emotionally connected to content

More Confident to apply what they learned

Skills we work on

Skills learned include; De-escalation Training, Communication, Reservation Upsell, Diversity and Inclusion, Interviewing, 

Sensitivity Training, Sexual Harassment Prevention, Employee termination and so much more.

We Provide Everything You Need to fully execute the training

Training Roll-out

5 sprints blending together STXR-led sessions & client self-directed learning. (Next Slide)

Guided Support

The program will take you and your team through an onboarding session, and best practices for STXR, covering and delivering the content and objectives outline.

Analyze training

Work with our team of consultants to identify and create customized training modules for the different departments in your organization.

Customized Training

STXR’s content development team works with department heads to plan and create customized training programs.


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What the Industry is Saying

Our Teams Experience with great companies include the industry leaders Above